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I like big mutts and I cannot lie

Who We Are

About Us

We are a small, all breed dog rescue founded in early 2022. 

Our story begins with a young puppy pulled off the streets of Houston, TX. Shaking and terrified, we can only guess he had only experienced the vicious side of humans, those that perhaps threw him out. Those that chased him off their properties. Those that threw objects at him for fun.

After overloading him with TLC, lots of treats, stability and routine, he was later adopted by an incredible Polo/ranch owner. Today, he never leaves his new dad's side, and has acres of farm land to run like a dog should. His dad kept his name from the foster: Harlochan (Harlo), meaning "eyes of God."

We couldn't believe Harlo's transformation from the streets of Texas to an incredible life most dogs only dream of. From then on, we pledged to help as many other suffering dogs as possible achieve a semblance of a life as incredible as Harlo's.

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Meet the Team

We run this 501c3 nonprofit rescue entirely in our "free time" - that is, after (and between) our full time jobs! We do not take a penny from donations or adoptions. Every cent in the rescue goes strictly to the animals under our care, whether through veterinary expenses, supplies, or transport to their forever homes. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

We foster, too!

Although we all have full time (non-rescue) jobs to support ourselves and our families (read our bios above!), we still find time to manage all animal intakes, run the intricacies of the rescue (adoption coordination, home visits, vet checks, foster outreach, training, vaccinations, scheduling veterinary visits, supply runs, inventory ordering and maintenance)...and we make sure to also do our part by being foster parents ourselves. 

Thankfully we have an incredible team of volunteers and reliable fosters that help us with these animals. Without them, we would be so much more limited with how many animals we could save.

Our team's pets!

Meet our rescue team's furry family foster fails! 

Kingsley Rescue Mom: Jaclyn

Mia Rescue Mom: Jaclyn

Rescue Mom: Gabrielle

Rescue Mom: Gabrielle

Rescue Mom: Gabrielle

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