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Rescue Partnered Vets and Sponsors

We are immensely grateful to the companies and veterinarians who work with us. As much as we couldn't do what we do without our amazing team of volunteers, we are also indebted to the companies that support our mission and donate supplies, the vets who make time to treat our (often very sick) stray pickups, and the community that backs our efforts.

Clinical Dog Examination

Amazing Veterinarians that put dogs first

Believe it or not, it is VERY difficult for rescues to establish relationships with veterinarians. Many vets lose money or break even when providing rescue discounts, and simply do not have the time or resources to include treatment of rescue animals. 

Because of this, rescue is extremely challenging, as most vets turn us away.


These incredible vets not only see an incredible number of pets for their business, but also make time to incorporate spay/neuter, vaccines, exams, and sick visits for the countless strays we pick up at days notice. 

These veterinarians believe in rescue. We reach out to roughly 50+ veterinarians per city we work in, and these few vets were the incredible, selfless animal lovers that agreed to help us save dogs, even when doing so is minimally profitable (if at all) for their business. 

Please consider using these veterinarians for your own personal pets. We must support them as they have selflessly supported us.

Untitled-1 copy.png
Untitled-1 copy.png

True Care Veterinary Hospital

Address: 10100 Main St, Clarence, NY 14031

Phone Number: (716) 759-6225

Blue Cross Pet Clinic

Address: 451 Bandera Rd #107, San Antonio, TX 78228

Phone Number(210) 735-5259


Petcare Express

Address: 6220 W 43rd St, Houston, TX 77092

Phone Number(832) 649-3179

Dog Food


These amazing companies have donated supplies to our cause, and for their continued support we are forever grateful!

Dog Tag Art

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