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Destination Rescue


[dawg] noun

the only member of your family you actually like; an expert dishwasher if you don't mind a little slobber; furry creature who loves you more than he loves himself.

About Us

Welcome to Destination Rescue Dogs!


We are a 501c3 nonprofit, all-breed dog rescue primarily based in Houston, TX. We save dogs and puppies from life on the streets or from euthanasia lists, rehabilitate them, and match them with forever families both in local Texas areas as well as in northern states (most commonly Buffalo, NY!)


From the moment we started our work in 2022, we understood that working together across rescues is paramount to making a significant and effective impact. We strive to make a positive, long lasting change by protecting and advocating for animals that can't do so themselves. Here at Destination Rescue (DR), we strongly believe rescues should share resources and work together for the common goal of saving as many animals as possible: thus, we place incredible value in our partnerships and maintain close collaborations with local and northern rescue colleagues to match dogs with families.

At DR, we believe in standardizing the humane treatment of dogs, working towards eliminating the need for euthanasia lists, putting an end to life on the streets, and promoting education to prevent uncontrolled animal repopulation.  


We speak for the voiceless, love the unwanted, and provide a gentle hand to the abused. Help us on our mission to show kindness to animals that have been born into an unkind world.


One life at a time.
We find your rescue match.


We save dogs that would otherwise perish

Here in Texas, it is normal to encounter multiple homeless, starving dogs on a simple trip to the grocery store. It's SO normal that most people don't bat an eye at their existence, let alone their conditions.


We rescue dogs and puppies around the worst parts of Texas. Their conditions are deplorable, and nearly every animal we save faces sure death if we do not intervene.

Adopting one of our animals directly saves their lives. They would not be alive were it not for our joint efforts: our rescue, and your home.

We feel that it is extremely important to minimize backyard breeding. We therefore provide a "pairing" service where you can request a specific breed of dog. Although it may take us a little longer to find your perfect match, we are certain we can find nearly any breed - designer or otherwise - that faces a grim future without help.

Skip the breeder- find your dream breed through our rescue.

Love knows no boundaries

We believe that geography should not stand in the way of true doggie love! We adopt animals locally within Texas, but also arrange transport throughout the United States.

We can find your perfect match

Plea for Spay/Neuter


Spaying or neutering your pet makes a difference


Stray dogs are populating at a rate that none of us can keep up with. Of the hundreds of rescue organizations pulling animals from the streets, numerous animal control agencies patrolling cities, and countless shelters euthanizing at alarming rates, we still do not have the money, space, fosters, or general resources to curb the stray reproduction rate.

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor dog, it only takes one escape, one encounter, with one stray, to perpetuate the cycle. One dog's escape can lead to over 36 stray puppies in one year.

We plea with dog owners not to breed because their dog is "pretty" or "would make great puppies." Every additional puppy brought into this world is one less home for an animal on the streets.

Rescues are exhausted.

Shelters are full.

We are all discouraged and emotionally spent.

Please please do your part - spay and neuter your pet!


that spaying and neutering your pet has health and behavioral benefits?

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Your dog will be healthier

In females, spaying prevents uterine infections and breast cancer.

In males, neutering eliminates the risk of testicular cancer and greatly reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Spayed female dogs live 23% longer than unspayed females.

Neutered male dogs live 18% longer than intact males.


Your dog will live longer


Your dog's behavior will improve

Spayed and neutered dogs are less likely to roam, pee/mark indoors, or act aggressively. 

A spay/neuter procedure is much less expensive than a litter of puppies!

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You'll save money


You'll help reduce dog homelessness

6.5 million companion animals enter US animal shelters every year. 

1.5 million are euthanized annually.

Every dog that is bred takes away 8-10 homes for rescued puppies.

Donate supplies from our

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Your donation is essential for our mission. We'll be able to :

➤ Take in medical cases and provide proper vetting for the animals that are truly suffering

➤ Supply our fosters with food and supplies to properly care for these animals

➤ Make a small, but meaningful impact on the stray, neglected, starving, and general homeless dogs/puppies of Houston, TX. 

Make a monetary contribution

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Sponsor a specific dog

Browse our intakes and find a specific dog you'd like to sponsor! You can request to purchase specific toys/supplies for this animal or cover their vet bills and we will send you photo and video updates of your personal impact!

Follow this pet from intake to adoption!


Check out a few of the dogs we've saved through our all breed rescue!

It's an amazing feeling to know that ALL these smiling faces pictured below started with grim prospects, but will never  know another day of suffering. They sleep and they smile knowing they're finally safe.

Some struggled for years, others were born into starvation for days to weeks as neonates before we rescued them. But none will ever again feel starvation, human neglect, or a second of abuse.

Humans can be cruel.

But humans can also be incredible.
Thank you to all those who adopted these amazing Texas pups.

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