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Your Impact


Found as a stray in Houston, TX. She was extremely malnourished, but surprisingly trusting of humans. With a little TLC, slow reintroduction to food, and some skin care, Luna is now happy, healthy, and loved by her new family in Iowa!


Found as a stray in San Antonio, TX. Buster was covered in fleas and ticks, and was itching obsessively on the side of the road. Coaxing him in with a Nutri-grain bar (all we had in the car!), Buster was bathed, matts cut off, and fed his first nourishing meal in (likely) awhile. After a vet checkup, it was concluded that Buster was heartworm positive. Thanks to an amazing individual rescue partner up North, Buster was treated for heartworm and sent up to his forever family in Buffalo NY! 


Poor Rosie was also found as a stray with a horrible skin condition that mostly affected her adorable face. Some amazing rescue colleagues picked her up, spent months treating her skin, and showed her what it was like to be loved. Along with these independent rescuers, we worked to send her up north for adoption in NY! Rosie now lives with an amazing family in snowy NY!


Java and his littermates were surrendered by a Houston family whose German Shepherd was impregnated by a stray (which happens incredibly often in Texas- please spay and neuter your pets!!!). The mother rejected this litter, and they went over 24 hours without milk. Although we were able to pick them up and immediately begin bottle feeding, three of Java's siblings were too far gone for saving, despite our best efforts. However, he and his siblings - Mocha, Latte, Nitro, and Cappuccino - are all healthy and happy in loving homes between Texas and NY!

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