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I used to have money. Now I have squeaky toys.

Sponsor A Dog

Want to make a lasting, tangible change? Consider sponsoring a specific dog.

See the animals below that are in need of sponsorship. You can either:

(1) Sponsor all vet bills for this animal, which would include vaccination costs, health check-ups, the spay/neuter, and any unforeseen sick visits or concerns

How? We would contact you with upcoming vet visits, their purpose and our estimation of cost. We update you with changes to cost, and the veterinarian calls you directly for payment.

(2) Sponsor supplies for this animal, including food, potty pads, leash/collar, and toys! We will send you photos of the dog you sponsored and the toys and/or supplies you have personally provided! 

How? We provide amazon lists that you can directly fulfill. You can also add your own items to this list. Everything is sent directly to the foster!

(3) Sponsor all costs for an animal. This would include both veterinary expenses (1) and their perishable supplies (2)!

If an animal is sponsored, we will disable the link and mark that animal as sponsored. Activated links mean that animal is in need of a sponsor!



Bruce was found as a stray that happened across one of our fosters' backyards. He was malnourished, but friendly and eager to be loved! 

After his first vet check, we discovered that Bruce was heartworm positive. This is a fatal disease transmitted by mosquitos, and can be easily prevented by monthly preventative! Thankfully we were able to treat his heartworm through monthly injections - after a long 4 months of strict crate rest, Bruce has eradicated is heartworms, was recently neutered and is ready for his forever home!

Sponsor Bruce's veterinary bills

Sponsor Bruce's food

Pick out toys to send straight to Bruce!

Screen Shot 2022-12-26 at 12.27.25 PM.png

Sierra, Aspen, and Sitka

These three husky/sharpei mixes were hours from euthanasia at the San Antonio shelter. Requiring feedings ever 2 hours, the shelter only had enough staff to cover 8 puppies - and these three babies didn't make the cut.

Thankfully we picked them up in the nick of time, and all three are thriving! Though not up for adoption yet since they are only about 3 weeks old, they will be posted soon!

Sponsor their veterinary bills

Sponsor their food

Pick out toys to send straight to these babies!

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